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Effortlessly increase community engagement in your Slack workspaces.


The ultimate community assistant

Slack was built for work, not communities.
Chord Connect makes Slack work a little harder
for your community.

Onboard & orient
your new members automatically

Ensure that joiners to your community know where to go to find what they need to know. From explaining the purpose of your most popular channels to sharing important webpages.


Create a directory of your member profiles that is connected to Slack

Gone are the days of begging members to keep their row in the Google worksheet up to date. Instead your members will enjoy the ease of keeping their profiles up to date without ever leaving Slack.

Share important messages from your community in a weekly digest

No more screenshotting or copy-pasting those critical gems dropped in the middle of a noisy Slack conversation. Experience the power of 1-click archiving to build up your community's knowledge base. Your members will thank you for saving them from the endless task of keeping up with every channel in your workspace.


We're looking for development partners.

If you lead a distributed community and want to make it easier to connect, contact us. We will work closely with you to make sure that Chord meets your community's needs.

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